Mac Oils – Jealousy Cart 1g



Mac Oils Carts – Jealousy Cart

Mac Oils Carts – Jealousy Cart 1g. This product contains a strain specific cannabis extract made by Mac Pharms, a reputable brand that produces high quality cannabis products. Furthermore the strain used in this product is Jealousy, which is an evenly balanced hybrid created by crossing Gelato 41 and Sherbet. Jealousy is known for its relaxing and euphoric effects, as well as its sweet and fruity aroma. Mac Oils – Jealousy Cart 1g is compatible with most 510 thread batteries and is easy to use. Just inhale and enjoy the benefits of this potent and delicious cannabis product. Order yours today and discover why Mac Oils Carts- Jealousy Cart 1g is one of the best cannabis products on the market.

Furthermore Seed Junky Genetics created Jealousy as a combination of Cookies’ Gelato 41 and a Sherbet backcross. The top reported aromas of the Jealousy strain are sweet cream and candy. Also It is said to taste like creamy candy and gelato.

Also jealousy is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the delicious Gelato 41 X Sherbet strains. The perfect well-balanced hybrid strain, Jealousy packs full-bodied effects that will have you feeling totally kicked back for hours on end.