Mac Oil Carts – White Guava Cart 1g



Mac Oil Carts – White Guava Cart 

Mac Oil Carts – White Guava Cart. This vape cartridge is one of the best products from Mac Pharms, a leading brand in the cannabis industry. Mac Oils – White Guava Cart contains 87.1% THC, which means you’ll get a potent and long-lasting effect with every hit. White Guava is a strain-specific extract that combines the flavors of pear, apricot, and mango with a hint of citrus. It’s perfect for relaxing, uplifting your mood, or enhancing your creativity. Mac Oil Carts are made with only the highest quality ingredients and natural terpenes, ensuring a pure and flavorful product that you can trust. No additives, no fillers, no compromises. Just pure cannabis oil that delivers an amazing vape experience. . Don’t miss this opportunity to try one of the best vape products on the market. Order your Mac Oils – White Guava Cart today and get ready to feel the Mac difference!

Mac Pharms is redefining what you can expect from high-quality cannabis products. It’s an evolving cannabis company driven by passion & finding a better way. Mac Pharms provide you with the safest & cleanest products in the industry.

White Guava is a 100% pure indica strain with mysterious origins. While there isn’t much to be said about the Guava strain lineage since the data is vague  it is a cross between the infamous Guava Diesel X White Hashplan.

THC/A                  CBD/A
88.26%                 0.19%